Mr. Nijaguna Mathad

Consultant Neurosurgeon




Welcome to my site.


I am a Consultant Neurosurgeon based at the Wessex Neurological Centre in Southampton, serving the NHS and private patients.



Apart from general neurosurgery, other areas of my special interests are skull base surgery (both open and endoscopic endonasal), pituitary surgery, neuroendoscopy and paediatric neurosurgery. I work in a multidisciplinary environment and I serve as a core member in Skull base and Pituitary Multidisciplinary Teams. I am the lead clinician for Pituitary tumours and endoscopic skull base service.



The purpose of this web site is to provide information to visitors about my clinical practice and a selection of useful links. It is aimed to compliment information available for UHS (University Hospital Southampton) website and Spire Southampton Website. Information on this website purely reflect my own views and does not reflect the views of UHS or Spire Hospital.



NHS Secretary: 

Tina Dickie                                                                                Phone: 023812067888

Wessex Neurological Centre                                                    Fax: 02381204789

Southampton General Hospital                                                Tina.Dickie@uhs.nhs.uk

Southampton SO16 6YD

Private Secretary:

Janet Burnage                                                                 Phone: 023 8076 4357

Spire Southampton Hospital                                            Fax: 023 8076 4358

Chalybeate Close                                                    Janet.Burnage@Spirehealthcare.com

Southampton SO16 6UY        Please note that Janet will not deal with any NHS matters